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Sweetz Bakery
1057 Edwards Ferry Road
Leesburg, VA 20176

We are a custom bakery offering a variety of gourmet sweet treats including cupcakes (gluten free/dairy free and vegan cupcakes also available), cookies, biscotti, single serving desserts, custom cakes for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings.  

We have a large variety of cupcakes available daily. Ten regular flavors are offered each day and a minimum of 2 special flavors are also available each day based on seasonality and pantry inventory.  We also offer a selection of  vegan and gluten free/dairy free cupcakes daily.  Please visit our Today's Flavor tab and Tomorrow's Flavor tab a listing of today's and tomorrow's cupcake flavors.

Custom cakes are available on a special order basis. For pricing on specialty cakes and wedding cakes, please view our Specialty Cakes and Wedding Cakes tabs for basic info.

Aside from cupcakes and cakes, we also offer soup, panini, artisanal bread loaves, scones, croissants, and other specialty baked goods.  Soups and paninis are available based on inventory and production schedule.

Assorted croissants are on weekends.  Breads, scones, and other baked goods will be offered based on seasonality, inventory, and production schedule. Any of our offerings are always available on a special order basis. Please visit the our Leesburg store tab to see a listing of today's offerings. 

We strive to use quality ingredients to make our products. Although not exclusively organic, many of our ingredients are organic when available.  We welcome you to come and try our Sweetz!

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